Compact, Powerful, Electric Motor with Endo Functions

Compact size with huge performance & powerAdvantages

da_electric-handpiece-system2011The NuTorque® system is a highly intuitive electric handpiece from StarDental®. The system’s easy-to-use touch screen capabilities make every procedure more efficient and productive, giving you maximum flexibility for individual solutions.
The NuTorque system is compact and lighter than existing electric motors currently on the market. It’s also whisper quiet, vibration free and easily adaptable to your existing standard delivery unit.



Setup Mode

NuTorque® Controle Features 

  • 29 possible reduction ratios
  • Pre-sets fully customizable
  • Range 0.1 to 3.0 with capabilities of 384 Ncm
  • Auto-reverse, Auto-reverse forward, Auto-forward stop
  • Torque control
  • Flat screen easily wipes clean
Auto reverse on/off
FO light on/off
Water spray on/off
Attachment gear/ratio
Customizable set-up screen
3 general procedure memory pre-sets
5 endo memory pre-sets


Lightweight design with heavyweight

The NuTorque® micromotors are designed to deliver consistent speed and powerful torque for both low and high-speed uses.
Attachments from the NuTorque family of products feature lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant titanium housings that provide a firm, tactile grip. The light weight gives the handpiece exceptional balance to help reduce hand and wrist fatigue.

Introduction Video


Advances in Endodontic Techniques Using the NuTorque™ System by StarDental®

– By I. Blake McKinley, Jr., D.D.S.

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